What is FixNList?

It's simple! We pay to update your property with no money out of your pocket before we list! Interested in learning how our FixNList program can help you keep more money in your pocket?  We will fix up your property with NO money out of your pocket.  The cool part is we will do small improvements from paint touch ups to new carpet all the way to larger updates including kitchen & bathroom renovations.  No update is too big or too small for us!  Sometimes the smallest updates can make the biggest impact on your sales price!  Call us today at 708-255-0200 to get in contact with our team today! 

  • One room is bright pink & needs to be repainted? No problem, we will paint the room a nice neutral color to appeal to the masses! 
  • Need to put new handles on your kitchen cabinets? No problem, we will pick out the latest hardware & give your kitchen cabinet a new look!
  • Need to reglaze a bathtub so buyers aren't turned off by an older tub?  No problem, we will get our tub glazing professional to reglaze your tub! 
  • Need new kitchen countertops to appeal to the buyer looking for granite?  No problem, we will pay to have granite counter tops installed.
  • Need new appliances to get top dollar for your property?  No problem, we will pay to have our stainless steel appliance package placed in your kitchen.

You need an update, we have a solution & will PAY WITH OUR MONEY TO UPDATE! Here is one of our latest FIXNLIST properties in Elmhurst! See the BEFORE & AFTER pictures showing what small updates can do to your home when a buyer is deciding on making an offer.  Call us today at 708-255-0200 to get in contact with our team today! 

Steve & Tim, explain how the Fix N List program works in the video below! The best part about our FIX N LIST program is it allows you to update & spruce your home up before selling it without having to use any of your money. We are so confident in our program that we pay for the updates!  

Call us today at 708-255-0200 to get in contact with our team today! 


In the video below you will see the AFTER video of one of our latest FIX N LISTS in Wheaton! We did paint touch ups, installed in ceiling speakers, brought our deep cleaning & staging crew to help this seller get more money for his property! We sold the property in record time! Watch WHEATON FIX N LIST AFTER VIDEO in the video below! 


In the video below, we show our FIX N LIST AFTER VIDEO of one of our latest FIX N LIST properties located in Naperville. For this property we refinished the hardwood floors a dark coco bean, upgraded the bathrooms with trending tiles & light fixtures, replaced the kitchen counter tops & island pendant, did paint touch ups throughout the home, & more! This property sold in record time & helped the seller get a lot more for her property!  

Call us today at 708-255-0200 to get in contact with our team today! Email us direct at steve@icandyrealty.com